Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bald is Beautiful . . .

I made this card for a neighbor who is fighting cancer. She is now taking an experimental chemo treatment in another state to hopefully stop the growth. She has a wonderful attitude and a great sense of humor. We went to a cookout in her honor on Friday night. She talked about losing her hair and pulled her cap off to show us. She was laughing every time I saw her that night, which is the way I think she likes it! So, I had this wild, crazy idea today to make her a humorous card. After making it, I showed it to my husband, and wasn't postive she would like it. A neighbor, who is a scrapbooker, said she thought she'd like it. I hope she does. I mean it in the best of ways. The inside says, "And so are you, both inside and out. We're praying for you."



Samm said...

ahhh, that's so cute, what a lovely idea for brightening someone up!


Lynn said...

Tammy, I think that is a great card! It sounds like she will think it is not only funny, but also thoughtful.