Monday, March 3, 2008


This altered frame was done for an Arts Council campaign at work. I couldn't think of anything to create, so this is what I came up with this weekend. I hope someone will want it. (It will be given to someone who donates money to the Arts Council. Their names are drawn out of a hat.) I can always take it back (since my granddaughter's picture looks so sweet in it).



Sharon Caudle said...

It looks awesome Tammy! I love the colors. And your little grandaugher is sooooo precious! Aren't we so lucky to have such wonderful little ones in our lives?!! :)

Mom2Pooka said...

I just wanted to first comment on your blog page. It's AWESOME to someone stating they're a CHRISTIAN! Not many people claim that anymore these days. I also wanted to comment on the AWESOME Contemporary Christian music you had selected!! ;O) Finally, I wanted to comment on the AWESOME work you've done!! I would love to have pointers if you would be willing to share any...LOL
God Bless,
Sheila from Ohio

michelle said...

Tammy this is just beautiful and your grandaughter is just a doll ! I really admire all your creations they are superb!! i hope you don't mind i added you to my blog !

michelle said...

Tammy i am tagging you for an award from my blog for being so inspirational to me, go to my blog and get yours !