Thursday, March 20, 2008

Get Well Card and U Are . . . Card

I made two cards last night -- one for my daughter's boyfriend's Mom who had surgery last week, and the other for a dear friend who has been such a blessing to me. When we moved here 20 years ago, I had no family here. But God gave me two sisters here (in addition to the sister I have back home). Of course I have a few other very special friends (one who I'm blessed to have as a friend AND a neighbor) too.

Here is the story (really a book) about the first card. The card is for one of my friends who has blessed me twice (at least) in the past month or so. Two examples: We met at the mall a month or so ago for dinner to celebrate my birthday, along with two other friends. She and I decided to do a little shopping after dinner but got separated. I got ready to come out of the mall an hour later, and she is sitting in her vehicle outside the door waiting for me. She had been trying to call me but my phone was on vibrate and I didn't get the call. She wouldn't leave the mall until I did because it was dark, and she didn't want me to walk to my car alone after dark. She knew I was still there because she had seen my car in the parking lot. Then last night, I needed to make a cake for a funeral at our church, and I was going to have to drive 10 minutes out of my way this morning to take the cake and leave it in our fellowship hall before going to work, which really added at least 25 minutes to my commute. She called me last night because she was at the funeral home (which is 2 minutes from my house) to see if I had the cake ready. It was still in the oven. She came by my house and took the hot cake home with her and iced it for me (I had the icing made and ready for the cake) and took it to the fellowship hall when she took her dessert, just so I didn't have to go so far out of my way. Now is that a blessing or what. These are just the tip of the iceberg as to what she has done for me. She and another friend fixed all of the food for my daughter's wedding 6 years ago -- a sit down dinner for 300 people! I could cry just thinking about everything she has done for me. So, I decided to make this card for her. The inside of the card will say:


A blessing from God
An angel in disguise
A true friend
A sister with a different last name


Here's the card for the friend:

Here's the get well card:

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Heather Bares said...

the cards are really pretty!