Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy Birthday David!

A wonderful co-worker is celebrating his birthday on Wednesday. He loves to sing, so I incorporated a little music for him. The inside of the card will say: "Just a 'note' to say Happy Birthday" or something to that effect.


TERIBERI said...

Another beautiful card. You do such wonderful stuff. Hugs, T

David said...

This is David, the recipient of the birthday card. I have to say that the photo doesn't even do it justice. The original is beautiful and I am honored that Tammy made it for me. You can see in her 10/2007 and 12/2007 archives two other cards she made for me--one when my mom moved into assisted living and the other when my father died. I value these for the treasures that they are. From the little bit of Tammy's work I have seen in person and from all I have now seen on her website, it is evident to me how much of her beautiful spirit comes through in her work; her designs are a reflection of her soul. For those of you who don't know Tammy personally, let me just say she is one of the dearest people I've ever known. I'm honored to call her friend.

Kazan said...

First of all your card is beautiful and David's words are beautiful. How lucky you two are to have each other as friends.