Thursday, June 21, 2007

You're a Classic Daddy

My Daddy will be 71 years old next week. He is and always has been my hero. My Daddy was a coal miner, who came home with a black face every day. I remember seeing those white eyes shining through, and that was all. My Daddy is a saint in my eyes. He is a Godly man, who loves his wife and treats her like a queen, and who worked very hard for us. He is so sentimental. He doesn't cry much, but if anything can make him cry, it's his family. I can remember getting hugs from him growing up, something I really don't remember getting from my Mom. She took care of our physical needs, although Daddy helped with those as well. She went to school at night for probably 4-5 years to get her college degree, and Daddy helped take care of us. I have a sister who is 2 years older than me, and I can remember him washing our hair and wringing it out like a mop. When I turned 16, he taught me to drive a manual transmission. He wrote a check for a new car for me when it came to the point that I had a part-time job in high school and needed a way to get there. It wasn't a fancy car at all, no air conditioning, no electric windows or anything like that, but it was a brand new car. I told him I'd make payments on it, and he let me write him a check for $100 every month. I kept reminding him to cash the checks, and he said he would. After a year of this, he finally told me that he wasn't going to cash the checks. He was just helping me to learn the responsibility of making payments. Now, who could ask for more? I can remember when times were hard after I got married. My husband worked for him, and his business wasn't doing well. We had just bought a new home, and I was concerned. He told me that he would not let me lose my home. What comfort that was. I never had to ask him for a dime, but I knew he'd take care of me. When my husband and I decided to pick up and move to another state because of the job situation at home, my Mom told me I was making the biggest mistake of my life. My Daddy told me that he didn't want to see me go, but if he was my age, he'd probably do the same thing. That's my Daddy for you! Anyway, I really wanted to make a special card for him. I had been thinking about this car from the Mickey & Friends Cricut cartridge ever since I saw it. It's perfect for him because he loves old cars. I sure hope he likes it. I've told him lots of times that he is my hero. He'll never now how much I love him!

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Anonymous said...

I am speechless. And you know that does not happen often. This is just such a beautiful card and the sentiment behind it makes it even more special. I am sure if there was something that would make your daddy cry, it would be the story behind his card.
Another great creation. No wonder you have no time to scrapbook, you're making these incredible cards every night.