Wednesday, May 7, 2008

You Did It!!

Our youngest daughter, Whitney, is graduating tomorrow night with a degree in dental hygiene. We're so proud of her! Her class took their national Boards in March and had not heard the results yet. She has worked so hard to get through this program, and was so worried that she might not pass the Boards. They were supposed to receive notification by mail as to whether they had passed, and they said it would take at least six weeks to get the results. At the school's pinning ceremony last night, the faculty unrolled a banner that read, "You ALL passed your Boards." You talk about a bunch of screaming girls! They were crying and hugging each other. It was wonderful! Thank you Lord for this blessing!

Here are a few pictures I just have to share from the evening, as well as the card I made for her with a little tooth on it. I was afraid she would think the card was too cutesy, but she seemed to like it!

The Graduate!

A picture of our entire family, including my sweet in-laws!

No post would be complete without a picture of my sweet Ashlyn!

My girls -- I'm prejudiced of course, but aren't they gorgeous?


Sharon Caudle said...

A huge congrats to your daughter Tammy! That's so awesome! And you have such a beautiful family. I LOVE the pics. And no, you're not just prejudices, they are gorgeous! :) HUGS!!

Ivy said...

You have a beautiful family Tammy! And congreats to your daughter for her achievement!

TERIBERI said...

TOTALLY BEAUTIFUL!!!! Not only your girls......YOU and your entire family. Congrats to you DD :o)
Hugs, T