Friday, May 30, 2008

Sympathy Card

My daughter's boyfriend's great grandfather passed away this week at age 100. This man lived such a full life. A funny story about him -- they took his car keys away last summer just before his 100th birthday. He decided he was going to town, and so he got on the golf car and headed toward town. The family found him a few miles from home and tried to get him to turn around. He was determined he was going. They finally called a friend who is a deputy sheriff, who pulled him over and told him he couldn't drive the golf car on the highway. My daughter's boyfriend had to take his truck and a trailer and pick him up and the golf car and take him home! What memories they have. He was driving a tractor as late as last Saturday. He fell and broke his hip on Monday morning, had surgery that day, and passed away in his sleep that night. That's the way to go! Anyway, I made this sympathy card for his family. Hope you like it. It really did look better in real life than this picture!


Lynn said...

LOVE the black & white! What a great card. Great story, too.

Ivy said...

The card is beautiful. And I wish to live to 100 how he did!