Friday, August 10, 2007

Now THAT'S a Fish

I did this layout of my daughter and her boyfriend holding the 26 lb. catfish she caught earlier this year. She sure was proud of that fish! And so was my Dad. I emailed the picture of her holding the fish to him, and he has printed it out and showed it to everyone. Now he says he's coming for a visit to go fishing with her. Oh, how I would love to see him catch a fish this big. You wouldn't be able to wipe the grin from his face!

Click on the picture for a better look.


TERIBERI said...

Tammy this is an amazing layout - actually they all are :o) Hugs always, TeriBeri

Sharon Caudle said...

Oh my gosh this is such a cute layout!! I LOVE that fish you used for the "I" in fish!!! The whole thing is adorable and what a fish!!!!!