Thursday, August 9, 2007

A cardmaking fiend!

That's what I feel like lately! I've been making cards all week. Let's see, since the weekend, I've made 4 birthday cards, 1 sympathy card, 1 anniversary card, and 2 get well cards. That's a lot for me, considering that I work a full-time job. Been burnin' the midnight oil for sure. I feel like it's catching up with me too. I'm posting several of these cards in this post:


TERIBERI said...

I love them ALL!!! They are PERFECT!!! You need to get some rest!! Sometimes I feel burned out as well. Hugs, TeriBeri

Sharon Caudle said...

Wow!!!! You have been BUSY!!!! I know what it's like. DH is always scolding me about getting to bed so late, especially on work nights. Sometimes it's just hard to pull yourself away. But WOW! It was definitely worth it! All the cards look so great!!! Beautiful work as always Tammy!!