Friday, December 4, 2009

Your Birthday is Something to Crow About

I made this birthday card for my cousin who is in prison. (He's never hurt anyone. He is in there because he's struggled with drug addiction since he was a teenager -- kept getting caught, violating probation, etc., and the Judge ended up sending him to prison for 12 years -- toooooooo long!!!). I haven't seen him in years, but after he was sent to prison, I felt the need to reconnect with him. I'm so glad I did. He seems thrilled to have someone care about him and take the time to write a letter. And I have sent him pictures of our grandparents that he says he treasures. He and I have been writing back and forth for the past few years. His letters are amazing. And he truly hopes that when he gets out in 3 years, he will be able to repay his family for the heartache he's put them through. I pray he will be able to avoid the temptations of drugs again! I HATE drugs!!!

Anyway, I cannot put a brad or anything hard on the cards I make for him, or the prison will reject them. And, the card can't weigh over an ounce, or they will reject it. After finishing this card last night, I realized it is square, which will add extra postage, and I'm afraid they won't let him have it! Duh! Why didn't I think of that? So, shortly after taking this picture, I cut it down in size and made it sort of like a postcard and put white cardstock on the back and wrote his message on there. I'll remember "no square cards" the next time!



Tammy said...

You're so sweet to send him such a thoughtful card ~ (and one he can ACTUALLY get ;-)!!

Having family like you that cares for him even when he's made mistakes is at the top of all "treatments" that he will receive on his road to recovery.

Love the card!!

Sandy said...

I love it...and yes, each and every bday is something to crow about...the alternative is not good....I really adore all the wonderful colors you incorporated into this card...great design!

Dee Dee said...

So thoughtful and fun too. :)

Debbie said...

So creative - love the bright colors!