Sunday, November 30, 2008

Get Well Card for Mom

I made this get well card for my Mom, who has been in the hospital since Wednesday. She appreciates handmade cards. When she found out that I was making cards a couple of years ago, she went through all of her craft stuff and gave me lots of buttons, etc. She gave me the gold accent piece that is on the front of the card, so I thought it was appropriate to use it on her card.


Sharon Caudle said...

Oh how pretty is this Tammy! i'm so sorry to hear your mom in in the hospital! I hope she's well and back home again quickly!! Tht piece on the front of the card that she gave you is GORGEOUS!! hugs!!

Amy Sheffer said...

What a beautiful card, made even more special by that accent piece. I'm sure your mom will love this. I hope she's back to full health quickly!