Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Card for a Great Principal

Our ladies group at church recently found a local school that has many kids attending that are living in poverty. The principal is a wonderful woman who is doing so much to help these children and their families. She says it is her God called mission to be there to try to help. She's set up a fund that people donate to so shoes can be purchased for needy children, or clothes, or whatever. She is trying to get a single mother's power turned back on (which we are helping with) that has been off since June. We wanted to send her a card to tell her how much we appreciate her doing what God is leading her to do. So, here's the card I made. The inside says, "Just as you are being a blessing to others."

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Anonymous said...

Very nice card and a great reason for making it. I am sure God will bless her and you for your part in helping.