Saturday, June 14, 2008

Just Us

This layout is from our Labor Day beach trip last year. It was so lonely when it was "just us."

Here is my journaling:

How lonely a beach trip can be -- There were no beach towels thrown all over the outside of the camper, no 10 pairs of sandals sitting around under the awning, only one chair outside, and most importantly, no people. We enjoy the beach, but this was a trip where it was just the two of us. We missed our kids and of course Ashlyn! It was far too quiet without them. We know we will have to get used to this quiet, and we will.

The picture of us with the ocean in the background has a funny story. We asked a friend to take a picture of us on the beach. When he did, we got the picture of us with our arms around one another. When I looked at the camera and saw that you couldn’t see the ocean in the background, I asked him to take another picture and to try to get the ocean in the background. This is what we got! I had to laugh because it looks like our heads are almost floating in the water!


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Lynn said...

Love the colors of this one! It's kind of a sad story, though!