Thursday, January 24, 2008

Precious Memories

I scrapbooked for me! Yes! I love doing layouts for eBay -- well, I love creating them. I sure don't like it when they don't sell. It's a big kick in the butt and makes you wonder why people don't like your work. I had three things that didn't sell last night, and they were a re-listings. And the two things I have on there right now aren't even being watched! If they are not watched, they are not going to sell! It's so disappointing, and these were two that I was so proud of. So, you question and question what is wrong with them. But, I digress (I am glad to get that off my chest). It was a good thing I could do this page for me because seeing these faces made me feel better! In fact I stood and stared at these pictures and thought of how much I love these people and how happy they make me. God has blessed me with this beautiful, wonderful family, and I am SO thankful. When I think about that, eBay doesn't matter!

This layout is the title page to a new album. I had fun doing it -- especially since I could do one page. I really do enjoy doing one page layouts better than two. But, I usually have 8-10 pictures at least to scrapbook from an event, and I can't get that many pictures on one page!



lynn said...

This is definitely one of my favorites! I love it!

Sharon Caudle said...

Oh Tammy, don't let that get you down!! Your work is wonderful. If people don't buy it, it's THEIR loss!! (with SOME people....there's just no accounting for taste) LOL! This layout is fantastic!!