Thursday, October 11, 2007

Princess of the Pool

I'm trying to start a new trend for my books -- one page layouts. I don't know if I can do it though! Sometimes I don't really have enough pictures to do a two page layout, and they are much harder to design I think. So, this may be the first of many, and it may be the first of two (I'm already working on the page to go across from this one.) LOL.

These pictures are of Ashlyn playing with Mom and Dad at the indoor pool when we went to the beach back in May. The font is Alphalicious. The white dots are Rain Dots by Cloud 9 Design.

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NancyJones said...

THIS IS SOOOOOOOO ADORABLE how stinkin cute is she! Love what you did on this page.
Thanks for stoppin by my blog chicky! Thanks for the healing good thoughts and prayers also. Got a good report this morning from the dr so Im PRAYING this is gonna be gone now lol. Thanks again xoxoxooxoxx