Friday, May 18, 2007

Stairway to Heaven

Our sweet little granddaughter loves to try to climb our stairs. She is always sneaking to the stairs and trying to get up them because she loves to get into my scrapbooking stuff and her Aunt Whitney's makeup (thanks to Poppy for letting her play with it to begin with). Sometimes when I tell her, "no, no," she will stop, turn around, and just sit down on the stairway and stare ahead as if she is saying, "I'm not trying to go up the stairs. I'm just sitting here being the sweet angel that I am." This is what my journaling says on this page.

I struggled with this page for a while. I wasn't sure how I wanted to do the title -- whether to mix the fonts, or use one, whether to use this title, or whether to try a different one. But, in the end, the bright colors are fun, and they remind me of the smile that Ashlyn puts on my face when she's climbing up those stairs!

Hope you enjoy looking at these!

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regina said...

Hello Tammy, i just wanted to stop by and tell you that you really do some awesome work...they are just wonderful.....thanks for sharing all your amazing layouts on the cricut board...have a great day.........regina